The New55 Capture Frame

The 545i makes a terrific “Capture Frame” — a light-weight, mostly flat and portable frame that I use for exposing my New55 PN instant 4×5 positive-negative film.

Here you can see I have cannibalized an old Polaroid 545i holder by removing the Gate and the Roller Assembly. I have kept the Finger mechanism (which holds and releases the metal Clip of the film packet). The Roller Assembly is bulky and heavy, and the Gate mechanism in a used holder is often warn or bent to the point of interfering with successful instant photography. Although one needs a working 545, 545i or 545 Pro to process New55 PN, I use another good holder back at the studio just for processing The Pull.

The New55 Capture Frame can be rescued from a troublesome old holder with a fouled Roller Assembly or Gate. The lighter-weight 545i is ideal but the 545 will work too. It packs neatly and unobtrusively with your film, loupe and light meter and will simplify your workflow in the field with New55 FILM.

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