The New55 Capture Frame

The 545i makes a terrific “Capture Frame” — a light-weight, mostly flat and portable frame that I use for exposing my New55 PN instant 4×5 positive-negative film. Here you can see I have cannibalized an old Polaroid 545i holder by removing the Gate and the Roller Assembly. I have kept the Finger mechanism (which holds […]

Szarkowski on Curators

John Szarkowski wrote the afterword to his friend’s 1970 book, Lee Friedlander, Self Portrait. As a photographer and lover of photographers and lover of the landscape — a midwesterner with a down-home practical intelligence and an exquisite communcator — Szarkowski didn’t have much time for the over-intellectualization of photography.           “The […]

At the intersection of fast & slow: Christiane Baumgartner

Transall Hallo. I’m Christiane Baumgartner. This piece is called Transall. It’s a German word for military transport plane that can transport soldiers, tanks, to bring some emergency relief supplies if there is a crisis somewhere in the world. And I made it as a woodcut out of a photograph I have found in a […]

WORKING NOTES for the exhibition

“SAMUEL WEST HISER | works in progress“ opens Friday, July 6th (2012) in the Photography Gallery at the Workout & Tennis Center, Airport Road, West Tisbury. The show runs through the month of July. Gallery open daily. My teacher, Kathy Rose, says that learning how to print is learning how to see. She says they […]

Pictures for Airports

Artist’s Statement Unconsciously in Autumn 2009, I turned to the trees. I don’t know why, perhaps for their strength and certainty. While we tend to think of ourselves in a wasting decline, the local trees are not. They have come back after a long hiatus. In old and not-so-old landscape photographs of Martha’s Vineyard — […]